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what makes mumbai\'s oldest lingerie store still relevant today

by:Besung     2020-03-10
Neil Roshni visits Khamisa Abu Baker, owner
The manager of Mumbai\'s oldest Besung sexy lingerie store, even today, even though she is 104 years old, she still wants to know what makes his store relevant, but her guardian wants her
Tourists come all the way from Rajasthan and Delhi to buy what she offers, even if it\'s more of a loyalty than a unique product.
For five generations, she has watched from the tyranny of bodice to the luxury of Bollywood retro --
Unrestrained style bullet bra and pastie or nipple patch.
Her competitors and changing times are hanging over her, but she continues to play a quiet role in the lives of awkward female students and stoogie\'s grandmother.
Her name is Khamisa, the oldest Besung sexy lingerie store in Mumbai. \"When my great-
Grandfather opened the store in 1910 without the so-called \"pilot \".
He will reserve his corset, petticoat, children\'s wear and pajamas . \"
Someone with the same name as him).
We become underwear.
There were only branches in 1950
There are some iconic local brands like Look and Juliet.
It\'s all imported products now. \"The 39-year-
More famous is Imran, who has been running with Kamran and kasfu\'s younger brother for 20 years.
Imran\'s son, Amir, is fifth.
The Khamisa generation will take over power in the future. The Mazgaon-
The family has four branches: three at the Crawford Market and one at the 30-year-old Bandra Sona mall.
The heritage of Khamisa caused a mixed reaction of Generation X, Generation Y and whateverhave-yous.
Because it sets up kitschy display, \"local\", \"china\" products and all-
Male employees yell at each other to get the product of your choice and then announce the size of your ta
All the people present
For women who grew up in high school
Terminal Stores and their waitresses do not exist, and buying bras in stores like Khamisa is a pass-through ceremony, like first-time virginity or loss of virginity.
The experience could be terrible, memorable, or both. Imran knows.
The bra has changed from a utilitarian outfit to a fashion manifesto, but he believes Khamisa will not lose to a shopping mall or an online mall.
Not only do they have products at both ends of the spectrum-\"grandmothers\" bras and their better bras --
He says it looks like a peer, but the service they offer is not like that of others.
\"Our stock is always fresh.
\"Fresh he explained:\" We are very careful in handling and rotating inventory.
So if something is not sold or discolored for the time being, we will return it to the company at a slow ratemoving product.
Not everyone does this, he claims, which is why customers over 95 are satisfied.
One of the customers, Nessie Fernandes, came here from Belapur, CBD (nearly 37 km from the hotel) to buy bras.
But she sent it off as a routine.
\"My mom will come here when we live in Byculla.
For most women, underwear shops and tailors have remained the same for years.
\"Even now, I went to a special tailor in Bandra to sew clothes,\" she said with a smile . \".
For a while, the \"local\" bra was removed (
Or rather, big plastic bag in blue or dabbas)
But now it\'s gone, not even the hole. in-the-
Imran thinks it\'s the Besung sexy lingerie store on Wall Street.
\"New colors, patterns and materials are also required by older people.
\"Only young people are attracted to new arrivals, which is a misnomer,\" he said . \".
Khamisa looks different from her age.
Her facade is the same as other Indian bras.
The only thing that sets her apart is a simple store board that announces her age and her legacy.
However, her ability is still entrenched in those who have (and have)
She made her an important part of their lives and made her an institution here.
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