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tips to shop for perfect wedding lingerie - times of india

by:Besung     2020-03-19
We tell you five points for the bride. to-
When choosing the right underwear and pajamas, be should remember that every girl wants to look the best at the wedding.
From the hours spent at the gym and beauty salon to planning her dowry months before the wedding, everything is to make sure the bride looks the best.
Unfortunately, \"wedding underwear and pajamas\"
An integral part that is often overlooked.
Only in the last few days before the wedding did the bride realize the need to choose the perfect underwear and pajamas during the big day and honeymoon.
Don\'t worry . . . . . . We have some quick tips to help you quickly assemble your perfect wedding underwear.
Pick something sexy in color: sexy bridal underwear is an important part of honeymoon and needs attention.
When you pick the design for your wedding, it\'s important to remember that this is a very special occasion for both of you.
Choose underwear or pajamas that make you feel sexy and you think he will like it too!
Useful tip: try to pick some colors and fabrics that you know your partner will like.
It only helps to enhance the impact your pajamas have on him.
In our experience, lace or satin in red or black rarely misses the mark.
Pay attention to your comfort: it is important not to forget your comfort while remembering your partner\'s preferences.
A person\'s sexy will be enhanced many times because of their comfort and confidence in the clothes they wear.
If you are not satisfied with the design of a certain garment or pajamas, it is better to avoid buying or wearing it.
Diversity is the key: Be sure to pick several different types of underwear when choosing honeymoon underwear.
After all, diversity is the spice of life!
Enhance the fun of you and your husband wearing clothes in every mood.
During the day, make sure you have a different bra and bottom depending on the type of dress you wear.
The silicon bra is perfect for backless clothing while the thong and c-
Strings are the perfect choice to eliminate those annoying pantyhose lines.
In the evening, pick sexy dolls, playful suits and sexy bodice.
Let him guess!
Add quirks: surprise him by raising your quirky IQ!
Pick from a variety of role-playing costumes that can be fun and set a fun tone for your honeymoon.
You can dress up as a sailor girl, a naughty school girl, or even a rabbit!
You can also, try fun underwear with a peeka-
Boo elements or transparency.
Wear fun underpants during the day and quick presentation at night is a simple way to sort things out.
Accessories: not just underwear right now, there\'s a lot of extras/accessories to add to your new intimacy.
If you feel comfortable, try things like handcuffs, eye masks and stockings.
They all have the potential to make fun of and balance the naughty and wild elements. (
Enter courtesy: Monica Anand, founder of cover underwear)
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