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the honeymoon lingerie that outlasted my marriage

by:Besung     2020-03-11
It was 2001. I was in such a high place.
A shopping mall in Los Angeles called Beverly Center.
The first floor is a very arrogant Besung sexy lingerie shop with only two models.
\"I\'m getting married. I need something very sexy but elegant.
\"I said to the tall, weary, blonde, model/actress/retail prostitute who was wearing a dress that looked like a black cocktail dress.
She gave me a chance to feel like a Vegas show girl who really should retire.
She turned her eyes over and then stared at me on the Jewish frame of my super curve.
I already feel myself.
Consciously walk into the store because I\'m number 8 when you live in LAA.
This is considered obesity.
Plus, I\'m not a blonde, I\'m the opposite.
My ass is white and my hair is black.
I was a goth before it came in.
\"Let me see if I can find something that suits you,\" she said in a rather condescending tone, flipping the sweet blonde hair to the back of the store.
As I waited for the future trophy wife to come back, I chose to ignore this \"beautiful woman\" shopping moment and browse the shelves of high-priced silk underwear.
She showed up a white doll from behind, with a huge gap in front and a matching white thong.
This is a kind of tulle fabric and silk. It was perfect.
She put the doll in the locker room and I tried it on.
I stuffed my 34Gs into the top and they were barely covered, but isn\'t that the point of honeymoon underwear?
I bought it despite spending a lot of money.
At the end of 2001, I married my then husband in Boston on my parents\' roof deck
Look at the Charles River.
Very beautiful.
I was very excited about our honeymoon trip.
The next day, we flew to Monterey, California.
We arrived in the afternoon and stayed at this quaint boutique hotel.
We took a nap and then had a very romantic walk on the rocky sea.
Then we had a very delicious dinner at an Italian restaurant near the hotel and on the ocean.
The hostess received our newlyweds and we got a very nice table.
I have been looking at the platinum ring on my husband\'s left hand.
We laughed at our eccentric relatives at the wedding and it was a happy dinner.
We returned to our hotel room around 9: 30. m.
He went to bed and read some newspapers.
I reached into the suitcase, grabbed the white doll, hid under my shirt, and ran excitedly into the bathroom.
Put on this underwear in a hurry and I forgot to remove the price tag.
I stuffed my chest to the top of the doll, slid into the thong and loosened my hair.
Before I pushed the door open and posed sexy, pou mouth, I looked in the mirror for the last time.
This is a good entrance.
\"Are you ready, baby?
\"I closed my eyes,\" said coy.
My new husband was completely asleep when I opened my eyes there.
I lost my stomach.
This is a shame. It\'s not my honeymoon at all.
But I\'m not surprised.
We didn\'t have a lot of sex before we got married.
He almost backed back when I touched him.
I was stupid to think that getting married might improve us.
Sexual Life of existence
As of 2013, I had raised this sad doll, lying in my underwear drawer with a price tag hanging on it.
I decided not to pack it with my fiance and my stuff in my new apartment.
I threw it in the trash, the price tag, etc.
I have paid for this marriage/divorce and am ready to start over.
While my new husband and I were on our honeymoon, I put the same pose at the bathroom door in my black pajamas and found a grateful man awake and my underwear dropped.
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