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skinny jeans, corsets and oversized bags: a guide to dangerous fashion trends

by:Besung     2020-02-08
From high heels to the waist
Suffering in the name of fashion is not a new invention, but a recent incident involving a skinny jeans means you can add Cowboys to the dangerous list.
When it comes to jeans, we \'ve all experienced that uncomfortable and tight feeling, especially over the past decade, as the skin gets more and more popular --
Skinny Cowboys, but a woman has taken this to the extreme, leading to hospital visits.
Australian doctors have warned of the danger of tight jeans after women temporarily lose the feeling of tight jeans
A few hours later, the legs in clothes squatted inside.
The woman who lost the feeling of her legs was found lying on the ground, and once transferred to the hospital, she had to cut it out of her offending pants.
She was treated for compartment syndrome or nerve compression.
But skinny jeans are not the only fashion trend that will pose a risk to your health: it\'s not just the fashion world that will make you a victim of injury. . .
The beautiful world also has the danger it deserves. of-
Date sunscreen, unsanitary back of foot and formaldehyde hair-dos.
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