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mum’s deadly ‘ticking time-bomb’ condition inspired £250k sexy lingerie brand

by:Besung     2020-02-22
Ella Vine, suffering from pain and potentially fatal diseases, must wear compression socks every day to prevent the formation of blood clots in the legs. The mum-of-
One of them had deep venous thrombosis (DVT)
When I was a teenager, there was a serious car accident.
But it was her illness that inspired her to be expected to hand over 250,000 pounds of sexy lingerie business this year.
For years, Ella, 33, who lives in Essex, has struggled to keep the medical socks she needs alive.
\"The compression stockings I have to wear every day do not allow blood to gather on my legs, thus preventing the clot,\" Ella told The Sun . \".
\"I also need them to control the pain.
It\'s terrible to have blood clots, especially when you\'re a little kid\'s mom.
\"If you have a blood clot in your lungs, you can die on the spot.
\"It was a nightmare to tie the stockings on the sling.
\"It took a long time and I usually had to give up fasting together at the back of my legs.
After ten years of struggle, she came up with a better idea.
She replaced the traditional fixture with a simple Poole for connecting stockings to Garter bands.
Ella realizes that if she struggles with the stockings, there must be others too --
Not just those with DVT.
Not only to develop something practical, Ella also wants to make herself feel sexy.
\"I want to improve my quality of life, but I believe other women are struggling with the same issue,\" Ella said . \".
\"You can feel sexy even in medical stockings --
Wearing sexy underwear every day is such a great reason! \".
She decided to start her life.
An online store that stores sexy underwear using poppy fasteners.
Now, her underwear is sold all over the world and even worn by funny dancers on stage.
Ella admits that the hardest part of starting a business is finding cash.
She successfully applied to the government for a loan of £ 20,000 --backed Start-
Up loan companies offer fixed-rate loans Up to £ 25,000.
She also got an extra £ 20,000 from outside investorsPaul T.
Lajszczak, an entrepreneur and manager of the Crowdfunding Center of the real estate investment platform, became her business partner.
She met him by accident when she was doing freelance PR.
\"He likes the idea of poppy sling pants and sees the commercial potential in it,\" she said.
\"Although she has customized her stockings, her business focus is on selling non-socks.
Medical underwear.
Though, she plans to start a son.
Next year, brand catering will be offered to DVT patients like her.
But it\'s still too early, and Ella admits she hasn\'t paid herself so she can continue to put her profits into the business.
She continues to work part-time.
In the charity\'s fundraising efforts to support fibromysore, it is a disease that causes extremely uncontrollable pain throughout the body.
One advantage of running your own business, Ella says, is being able to work from home and spend more time with your son.
\"I can do my two jobs at home, which makes things a lot easier.
I can go with my 10-year-
The old son went to the park in the afternoon and worked late at night to travel.
\"It\'s about getting things done in your own time.
\"She is now looking forward to further development of the business, the turnover is expected to reach 250,000 this year.
\"I originally launched a small lingerie brand, but I never thought it would grow so quickly,\" she said.
\"I think the most important thing is to really believe in what you think and be confident.
\"I know my idea works for women all over the world, and I\'m glad my product allows them to choose the way they wear the sling.
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