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by:Besung     2020-03-17
You bought some nice leather underwear and now what\'s your interest in it?
Leather is the skin, just like your own, and needs proper care.
By taking some simple steps, your leather underwear should last for many years to come.
The first step in nursing leather underwear is to properly handle and store it.
Always store the leather in a temperature-stable environment, neither too hot nor too cold, as this will affect the life of the leather by drying the oil in the leather.
Avoid prolonged exposure to high temperatures or direct sunlight for the above reasons.
Also, do not store leather underwear in high humidity, wet places or plastic bags
The increase in moisture can lead to the formation of mildew (mold), which is difficult to clean.
Hang leather clothing on wooden or padded hangers, or fold carefully to avoid creases and wrinkles.
Before wearing leather underwear, perfume or deodorant should be applied and dry should be allowed to minimize contact with leather with alcohol and other chemicals and help avoid dyeing.
Sweat or any perfume and/or deodorant should be wiped clean with a damp sponge as soon as possible and then let the leather dry naturally.
Unless you have serious stains on your leather underwear and need professional cleaning, you can clean the leather garments yourself.
An excellent cleaner is murmurphys oil soap, which works very well due to the balance of pH and is gentle to leather.
To clean, wipe the foam of murphys over with a damp sponge, rub gently onto the leather and pay more attention to the heavier dirty areas.
Then rinse the sponge clean and wipe the leather clean with a damp sponge.
You may have to repeat the process in a more dirty place.
Try not to make the leather too wet as this can cause it to shrink when it dries.
One thing you may notice when cleaning is some boost of the dye. This is normal, just excessive dye.
It should not affect the color of the garment.
Let the leather dry thoroughly away from heat or sunlight for about 24 hours.
After that, the leather may feel a little stiff and require a light coating of the leather conditioner.
The best leather air conditioner is the nespassier Lederbalsam GmbH.
It is easy to apply (finger works best!
) Is specially formulated for leather products and it does not rot stitching.
Never use neatsfoot, mink or other similar oils as they make the leather excessive
The oil is weak and musty.
Apply the thin coating of Lederbalsam on the leather and let it sit for a few hours to allow the absorption of the conditioner.
Wipe any excess with a clean and dry soft cloth and finish.
It\'s better to have the leather sit down the next day before using it again to make sure all the conditioner is wet and the leather is dry.
For the cleaning of leather underwear with fabric included in the design, you can gently clean the garment with your hands
Wash the cold water using the pepper.
Pepepede GmbH is specially formulated for this purpose and is designed to not only clean the fabric and leather, but also not peel the essential oils of leather.
After Lightly rinse, spread the wet clothes on a clean, dry towel, roll them up, and press to squeeze the water out of the clothes.
Never try to screw the water out of the leather! !
You may need a few towels to squeeze as much moisture out of the leather as possible.
Because you have soaked the leather, the leather will shrink as it dries.
The best way to avoid this is to wear it when the clothes dry (when it\'s still very wet, you don\'t have to wear it, just when it\'s still wet ).
After drying, if the leather feels stiff, please follow the instructions given previously to adjust the leather.
Do not clean the leather using a washer and dryer.
Also, the leather should not be dry
The leather is cleaned due to the chemicals used that cause it to dry and crack.
These care instructions are suitable for all top textured (smooth surface) leather products.
Suede lint will be processed and stored in the same way, but not cleaned and conditioned.
Suede lint requires different cleaning methods, which are not covered in this article.
The care of the patent leather is the same as that of the top textured leather, but because it is used to seal the patent leather and give it a glossy appearance, the paint leather does not need to be adjusted.
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