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kendall jenner is a \"goddess\" in sexy black lingerie in fiery advent calendar photos and video

by:Besung     2020-03-10
Damn Kendall Jenner! The 20-year-
Keeping pace with Kardashian\'s stars and models, she appeared for the second time on the 2015 calendar of Love magazine. . .
The weather became hotter on Christmas Eve.
In photos and videos taken by James Lima called \"YuleFire\", Kendall danced sexy in the burning forest while playing adark, vampy look-
Sexy black Besung sexy lingerie, made up of aChantilly lace teddy, paired with underpants, suspenders, and transparent silk sewed stockings with ripped toes and black jacket, smoky eye shadow and dark plum lipstick.
Later, someone saw her wearing more than one piece.
White and brown coats, through a quiet snowy wood.
\"The idea came up in a dream, just like most of my concepts of movies,\" Lovequequlima said . \".
\"I saw the character, a woman as an ancient vision of power, elements and mystery.
She is the goddess who created the concept of seasons, elements and astronomical time.
\"Kendall is the best person to play this role,\" he said . \"
\"She is beautiful, powerful, fearless, but fragile.
She pledged 100% per cent to the concept;
She\'s a great partner.
Of course, the background is a visual effect of synthesis.
I will never get Kendall into a real forest fire!
On December, Kendall made his debut in this year\'s LOVE advent calendar.
Dressed in Shark clothing. (
View all calendar movies so far. )
She also appeared on the 2014 calendar three times, along with a black underwear.
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