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how to store your fine lingerie

by:Besung     2020-03-07
You take the time to study what exquisite sexy Besung sexy lingerie is best for you and your desires to make you shop, and now you may want to know how to best store your new intimate clothing.
The first thing you have to keep in mind is that in general, the fabric used to make exquisite sexy underwear is more refined than the fabric used to make other styles of clothing you wear every day.
Lace and lightweight transparent fabric are more easily hooked, so try to avoid sharp or rough objects when storing fine underwear.
All fine sexy underwear with any type of stretch fabric should not be hung on a hanger in the closet.
Always fold your intimate clothing neatly flat on the dresser drawer or on the shelf away from dust and dirt.
With this in mind, any fine lingerie outfit that is not made of stretch fabric is an exception, but since most intimate outfits are made of stretch lace, etc.
If not all, you will collect your most beautiful sexy underwear.
You may want to know why it is so important to store your fine underwear.
The reason is that hanging any fine underwear made of any kind of elastic fabric will lose shape and elasticity over time, just because of the weight of the garment.
I personally saw the result of this phenomenon.
I have a red dress recently given to me that has a plain lace dress but has a stretch lace bodice and sleeves.
As it has been hung in the closet for a few years, it is clear that the elasticity in the lace has been fully stretched out and deformed, and has broken and worn out in many cases.
To make the dress wearable, the bodice and sleeves must now be completely replaced.
So, stay away from hangers and your fine underwear will last for years.
A tip about storing your fine underwear in the dresser drawer --
Don\'t overemphasize it!
At the very least, your intimate clothing will wrinkle up and your underwear may experience obstacles such as opening and closing drawers.
I hope you will find these tips on how to store your fine underwear.
Remember, be careful with your exquisite sexy underwear, which will reward you with years of use.
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