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how to make a corset pattern

by:Besung     2020-02-10
When you learn how to make a bodice for yourself, the bodice pattern will be a requirement.
Thankfully, the bodice pattern is very simple to make, even if the task looks a bit daunting.
Most of the steps below simply divide the measurements into two halves.
Use this pattern or modify it to make any type of bodice you want, from leather bodice to underwear waist bodice to beautiful bridal bodice.
You cut what you need into paper grocery bags or tape measureto-
Underarm measurement.
Wrap the bust line and waist around the nearest halfinch.
Step 2 plan what measurements you want to use on the front line.
The front line is the part down the center of the abdomen, usually adding a bus.
When you learn how to make a bodice with a Victorian style bodice pattern, the length will be 12-14 inches.
Another bodice pattern could be only 9 inch.
Starting at about 12 inch, this fashion model is probably the easiest and will be easy to adjust later.
Step 3 Draw a vertical line on the far right side of the cut open grocery bag to match the desired length of the bodice front line.
Step 4 use the chest measurement, divide it into two halves and draw a horizontal line from the top of the front line to the left.
This is the bust line of your corset pattern.
Step 5 at the end of the leftmost bustline, measure 3 inch down.
Mark this as point A.
Step 6 use your bust like measurements to split into two halves again.
Number plus 2.
Start at the top of the front line, measure this to the left and then 3 inch down.
Make a mark marked with point B.
Step 7 again, divide your bust like measurement into two halves.
Divide this total into two halves.
So far from the top of the front line measurement to the left.
Make a point and label it as point C.
Draw a gently curved line between a, B, and C.
Start at point C, go down and draw a dotted line for your waist-to-Underarm length.
Step 9 divide your waist in half.
Delete 1 from this total.
When you learn how to make a corset, the 1 inch removed will produce a cincher look at the waist.
Use this number to draw a horizontal line from the front line and pass through the bottom of the waistto-
Underarm measurement.
This is the waist of your corset pattern.
Measure 1 inch down from 10 steps to the far left of the waist and mark this D.
Step 11 draw a line from a to D.
Make it as straight as possible as this will be the bottom line of the bodice, where eyelets will be added for the lace up.
Step 2, cut your waist 2 more.
Divide this number into two halves.
Measure this distance along the waist line starting from the farthest point on the front line.
Measure half an inch up.
Mark this marker point E.
Step 13 once again, cut your waist size in half.
Measured from the front line, up 1 inch.
Make a point here and label F.
Step 14 divide your natural waist in half.
Divided into two more.
Starting from the front line, measure this distance on the waist line.
This point G.
Step 15 make a soft bending line between D, E, F and G
Between the front line and point G, you need to make enough space for the bus.
This will be about 1 or 2 inch of the area, a little longer than the rest of the corset.
The bridal bodice can use the smaller busk area, while the leather bodice may require a slightly wider busk area.
Cut 16 steps on the outer edge of the beat and when you learn how to make a corset, be ready to use this beautiful corset pattern.
The pattern will be a great bridal bodice with sexy, noticeable belts in the leather bodice.
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