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hot lingerie: four tips on choosing comfortable and sexy lingerie

by:Besung     2020-02-16
Sexy underwear is a gift from God to women.
Their advantage is to be able to increase their beauty by wearing sexy underwear, make their body popular and really open up the charm.
So you should never feel that wearing one more dress than a man is a hassle, but make wearing sexy underwear your natural blessing.
However, if you don\'t wear a fitting underwear, it will not only make you feel uncomfortable, but you will also lose the chance of being beautified because of wearing it.
So here\'s the problem-
How to choose the right underwear for yourself?
Let\'s take a look at these four tips: 1.
Considering your figure, this is related to the fit of the underwear.
When wearing underwear, comfort and sexy are equally important.
Women can have different figure, shape, width of shoulder, size of breast and circumference of hips and waist.
Therefore, it is a priority to know you when choosing underwear.
The clothes you wear cannot be too small or too tight to allow the blood to circulate well or too loose to amplify the beauty of your body curve.
Remember, if you sacrifice comfort, it\'s unlikely that you\'ll look good in underwear. 2.
Considering the quality and materials of the environment, the quality and materials are also comfortable.
Even if the function is the same, there are underwear made of various different materials. For close-
Accessories like vests or underwear, woven cotton cloth is the best choice.
On the other hand, more attention should be paid to flexibility when choosing a corset or baby doll.
When it comes to something as comfortable as tights or tights, you should look for something firm that stays in a good shape but is not stiff at all.
At the same time, we should carefully check our new underwear to see if the workmanship is exquisite and whether the seams are well sewn.
You don\'t want your sexy lingerie to embarrass or uncomfortable you because of quality issues. 3.
Over time, more and more underwear styles have been created.
This is a good thing because it allows you to be creative about your outfit.
One thing you should do is choose underwear to match your outclothes.
For example, if you wear one
You need a long transparent dress.
For the cheongsam, the underwear with the fork is the perfect match.
The same color.
In addition to white, there are meat, pink, scarlet red, black and even colorful underwear.
The traditional color makes underwear look elegant.
But if you want something that can open up your partner, the bright colors can really make sexy lingerie pop!
So try pink, scarlet red or even leopard print if you\'re looking for a thrill.
But keep in mind that these colors are easy to see if your coat is thin, so be sure to be ready!
We said go wild.
So what if someone can see your brightly colored bra straps?
It\'s like the beginning of a man\'s imagination! 4.
Considering the decent factor mentioned above, it is possible that your underwear will be seen by others, which may attract some attention.
Sexy underwear is characterized by light, small, thin.
In fact, the real sexiness is properly bare and covered.
Wearing the right underwear is more attractive than being naked because it gives so much support to the beauty of the female body and keeps enough mystery to make the man\'s imagination crazy.
Remember, sometimes the more the less!
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