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halle berry launches line of french lingerie

by:Besung     2020-03-16
Harry Berry has always been the epitome of sexy, and now she has found a way to help all women feel that way.
The actress has launched a collection of French underwear that she considers affordable.
\"I came across a very luxurious Besung sexy lingerie line called Scandale Paris.
Only in the upscale market, so not every woman can afford the brand.
So I think, how can I get it back to life and bring it to the United States at a price that every woman can enjoy?
She said in a recent interview with Good Morning America.
Still, Halle Berry decided to buy the company.
The first few items of her collection are on sale at the Target store.
The prices of these items are reported to be between $7 and $18.
It\'s really very affordable when it comes to French underwear-not to mention how easy it is to get at Target\'s availability.
Women may buy these pieces and try to dream of being as sexy as Hallie Berry.
\"Every woman who cares about feeling good from the inside out,\" Berry said . \".
\"We care about what\'s under our clothes, and we care about how we look when we take off our clothes.
Halley Berry is also working to eliminate the myth that women wear sexy underwear only for men.
\"The secret is that women don\'t wear underwear for men.
\"We wear it ourselves,\" she insisted . \"
Halle Berry is the perfect time to launch this French Besung sexy lingerie collection.
After all, this Saturday is Valentine\'s Day.
So ladies, give me a hint that this underwear would be a great gift.
Or, in a Harley Berry way, simply go out and buy some for yourself.
Do you think Harry Berry will let her husband Olivier Martinez criticize her new Besung sexy lingerie collection?
She seems to be the kind of woman who doesn\'t care if he likes it or not, instead, she will be more dependent on her point of view.
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