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emily ratajkowski strips to sexy lace lingerie and is blindfolded for romp in new flick welcome home

by:Besung     2020-03-25
EMILY Ratajkowski presents her famous model image in a vivid sex scene for the new movie welcome home. The 27-year-
Old Bar, except for the cooperation of lace underwear at the scene for her
Star Riccardo Scamarcio is blindfolded
When she was tricked into a tryst with Italian homeowner Federico, the disappearing girl was wearing sexy lace underwear, sizzles.
The actress showed her killer body and reclined on the bed before things between the two got seriously heated
Federico even put his hand on his throat.
The thriller \"welcome home\" tells the story of Cassie (Emily)and Bryan (Aaron Paul)
To fix their relationship, they spent the weekend in a rental house in rural Italy.
However, nothing seems like it, and the couple quickly became victims of a sinister plan for the homeowner.
In this scene, Emily\'s character is blindfolded to convince her that she\'s getting sexier with her boyfriend
But she was scarred when she found out the truth.
When Emily became famous as a model, she said that acting was her favorite and she wanted to play more movies.
She told Pop Sugar last month: \"I like more performances and the biggest difficulty at the moment is finding projects that really speak to me and I\'m really excited.
\"In general, the film is now in a strange position.
People don\'t go to the movies like they used.
The studio is very strange.
I think there are some female narratives, but a lot of them are not actually true stories about women.
\"They are just a story of a man with a woman.
\"I think it\'s right to find the project that really excites me.
I\'m not talking about this director or the big movie of that director, it\'s something interesting.
\"Welcome home will be released next month. Got a story?
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