1. Besung, specializing in the production of sexy underwear for 20 years.
Any Besung offices in other countries?
Besung Garments Co., Ltd. intends to build several branches/ offices in foreign countries, depending on the business development and the market demand. We actively participate into different exhibitions and seminars. This is a way to keep in touch with you and the world. The construction of branches/ offices is a way to be nearer to you.

Besung, a company specializing in the manufacture of plunge bodysuit in China, has ample experience in product design and development. Besung focuses on providing a variety of lace corset for customers. Besung sexy lingerie pics has to go through various kinds of tests. The test has been conducted to ensure each product is STC or sound transmission class. Its size and style are customizable to fit a variety of different body types. The product is not vulnerable to leak. It can withstand various changeable conditions such as impact, vibration, dropping, shock, or temperature without electrolyte leakage problem. The quality underwire won't break, snap, or bend.

Constant improvement for lace corset will continue. Get info!
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