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alicia & john vargo, pampered passions fine lingerie: balancing passion with a passion for business

by:Besung     2020-03-14
Like many entrepreneurs, Alicia and John Valgo are also practicing their preaching.
Englewood, a passionate and exquisite underwear in Colorado. -
Founded in 2000, they are a romantic Company. -
The couple themselves are also very romantic.
Ask them what their anniversary is and don\'t seem to know it.
We got married in 2000-
I think, \"said Alicia, 47.
\"Every day is our anniversary.
\"Valentine\'s Day is every day,\" added John, 46 . \".
\"We don\'t need days like Valentine\'s Day, Mother\'s Day or anniversary to express our love because we do it every day.
\"They may sound fashionable, but they are sincere ---
The secret of their romance and business seems to work.
John and Alicia both had a long business background before starting a business, which also helped.
John works in several transportation and distribution companies in Fortune 500, covering everything from loss prevention to sales.
Alicia holds positions in the wine, beer and spirits industry, and has even served as a consultant for several years at the Colorado Office of governors.
This is a typical love story with some unique twists and turns-
Boys meet girls online, girls have bad experiences in underwear shops, decide to start their own business, boys resign to help girls start their own business, boys and girls get married and become successful entrepreneurs.
Today, pampered passion employs 11 employees and has won a number of awards for the trade magazine \"best inner\" dedicated to underwear and beach wear.
For Alicia and John, it was a successful collaboration in all aspects.
Alicia, because you have a bad customer, you have the idea of being pampered and passionate.
Service experience of Besung sexy lingerie store.
Tell us the \"aha\" moment.
Alicia: I had a really bad experience in my 30 s.
I walked into a shop, this number 2, 18. year-
I ran to me and asked, \"Do you want to test it?
\"I said, yes, so she was gasping after she took me into the locker room and took out the tape measure.
She was panting.
So I asked, \"What\'s the matter?
She said, \"your bandwidth is 38 and the size of the cup is \'B.
I don\'t have anything for you today.
\"That night, I was going to say to 2,000 spectators on the Coors field that I wanted to feel pretty underneath and I went out and was happy with my body, but not feeling cultivated or cared
I just feel empty.
That night, I started working on the best underwear in the world.
This eventually led you to build a website that sells underwear.
In about 12 months, the two of you met, got married and started business.
Have you ever thought you were going too fast? Alicia: No.
John: We joke about how fast our lives are changing.
We are still young.
In our 30 s, but we are big enough not to know anything about what we are going through.
We also have a lot of energy to work 7 days a week and 14 hours a day.
Now that we\'re 46 and 47, we don\'t have the same energy, so we want to have a more streamlined and streamlined business.
We have hired more people to help us do this.
We had a great manager who helped us a lot.
But one of the reasons we started this business was because we wanted to be together.
We don\'t want to leave each other for eight hours a day.
From the perspective of quality of life, we know that we always want to be together, 24/7.
We have heard that many couples have had problems working together, but we have not had any problems.
It\'s not that we\'re on the same page every moment, it\'s that we like to inspire each other and discuss things, and I think it helps us through the Great Recession.
What is the biggest challenge of starting a business?
Alicia: we are lucky because there is not so much competition right now.
Our biggest challenge is the establishment and operation of the website.
In fact, we have someone set up our website for us and it took them six months to get us to start running, but we are not satisfied with the quality of the website.
So John took six shots.
He took a month off to learn how to run the site and became our webmaster and first employee.
He never went back.
John: by Christmas 2000, the website was not finished, so after we missed Christmas, I got involved and we put the ball in our hands.
I read about e-
Business, shopping cart and SEO.
But as soon as our website goes live, we will soon find out that we have two problems.
First, it looks amateur, and second, if you type in \"underwear\" on Google, I\'m sure you\'ll come to our website on page 303.
We quickly realized that people had to find us even if we had a website.
Alicia, are you dedicated to providing customers with the exact opposite experience of your day?
For example, what is the maximum size you carry?
Alicia: we wear a bra for 50 hours.
We go from petite to 5X and we love our plus-size following.
Our slogan is \"Cultivating the spirit of women \".
\"We didn\'t do it for money ---
This is just what we all want to do.
But soon after we opened the shop, cancer patients came in and we didn\'t have the knowledge and product to help her.
Therefore, we have set up a mastectomy department for breast cancer survivors.
John: she travels across the country, does unpaid work, and wears bras for cancer survivors who are less fortunate.
It makes a lot of sense, and that\'s where our core strengths are.
I only focus on the money side of the company, she is concerned about people.
So, for a married couple who want to start a business together, what advice would you give them?
Alicia: It\'s very important to respect each other. Talking to each other instead of blaming each other is very important to our relationship.
What else, Johnny?
They really need to have a very strong relationship.
Can\'t be a couple of small fingers or fingers.
First of all, you must understand that there are differences between people, and these core values will continue from your relationship to the business.
Since you often have a romantic business, do you have any good stories?
We met in the game. com.
I have been apart for about five months.
I didn\'t even tell the CEO of our company that I was separated.
Maybe I failed on something, which made me very embarrassed.
I told a girlfriend who worked for me that she asked me if I was dating anyone.
I said, my God, no.
Well, it\'s 10 or 11 years ago and it\'s a lot easier to have someone write your resume and get you in the competition.
That\'s what she did.
I am very, very happy to live alone. I don\'t need a man in my life.
But I contacted someone, John.
We met at Dave & Buster\'s first date and I shook his hand and felt an energy ---
I thought, \'Oh, my God, I\'m getting married to this guy.
\"Alicia and John Vargo company: well-designed passion refined Besung sexy lingerie Age: 47 amd 46 location: Englewood, Colorado.
Founder: 2000 employees: 11 income: undisclosed website: www.
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