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3 held for sending sex toys, lingerie to girl in Mumbai

by:Besung     2020-03-18
The three were also accused of sending a nasty text massage to the girl.
Police in Charkop arrested two college students and a car driver.
It is said that the driver of the rickshaw directed a 19-year-old girl.
The three were also accused of sending a nasty text massage to the girl.
Two of the defendants were identified as Pinak Chavan, 18, and Suraj Sagar, 21.
The third is a class 11 student from Goregaon. based college.
All three were residents of the Kandivli (Western) District 6 Charkop.
Sagar is an automatic car. Rickshaw driver
According to police, the victims and two students used to study in the same school.
Sagar, who reportedly wanted to attract victims, asked her to go to dinner with him.
After she refused, Sagar got angry and worked out a plan with the other two to harass her.
\"Chavan stole a SIM card from a college girl and started sending a nasty massage on the victim\'s father\'s mobile phone number.
They also made obscene phone calls to her father.
They made a fake call to the police control room and told them that someone had entered the girl\'s house, \"said Pravin Patil, an inspector at the Charkop police station.
\"These three are very sharp.
After calling or massaging the girl\'s father, they used to immediately remove the SIM card from their phone.
They sent a package with sex toys and underwear to her house.
\"They also ordered expensive food and sent it to her house,\" said Patil . \".
\"Following the continued harassment, the victim\'s father approached the Charkop police with the items sent by the defendant and filed a complaint,\" another official said . \".
\"After the complaint, we started tracking the number that called the victim\'s father and found that the SIM card was registered under the girl\'s name.
When we asked the girl, we found her cell phone stolen from the university and she had filed a complaint with the Malad police station, \"the officer said.
\"Then we began to ask the girl\'s friend and found the third minor defendant.
He admitted the crime and told the story of Sagar.
We arrested you on Sunday, \"said Patil.
Sagar and Chavan have been detained by the police and minors have been sent to their homes in the east.
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